please don't be in love with someone else


Taylor Swift & The Civil Wars: Live at the Ryman, rehearsal footage.
January 12th, 2012

Taylor Swift - Leaving her apartment in NYC [04/17]


anonymous asked you :: Olivia or Penelope?


Blood moon // 4.15.14 


This is a ‘where are you visting from?’ board at a local restaurant

taggartdagny asked: hannigram or hannibloom?

-May I come in?

-Do you intend to point a gun at me?

-Not tonight.

I’ve written songs about things like burning my ex boyfriends’ pictures, I’ve written songs about people who just aren’t sorry, I’ve written songs about the times I’ve been let down, I’ve written songs about the times that I’ve been hurt by love. But then one day I woke up and realized that I had hurt somebody…and so I wrote this song to tell him I’m sorry.